I was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana in Seattle, what should I do?

Being arrested for driving under the influence in Seattle can be a very stressful situation for any individual to endure. The reason for this is that there is a plethora of issues with how to proceed in one’s case to ensure that the least amount of damage is done to their permanent record as possible. Typically, when one has been arrested for a DUI while under the influence of Marijuana, it is usually best to work with an attorney. If you are located in the Bellevue area, then it is wise to seek legal counsel close to you where you currently reside. Below are important sources about Marijuana law in the State of Washington:

Being Under the Influence of Anything Counts

This is important to understand because historically DUI’s were thought to be only related to alcohol. Within the state of Washington, this is not the case. Any drug whether prescription or recreational also counts for a DUI. Thus, be extremely careful when considering getting behind the wheel after having smoked Marijuana because if you are caught, there could be severe consequences to your driving record.

The Arrest Procedure Is Different

When the police suspect that the driver is under the influence of something other than alcohol, then they conduct their investigation quite differently. Typically, there will be an officer that is a drug expert that will require the driver to come to the station for a blood withdrawal to verify that the individual is in fact under the influence of drugs. Once that transpires, they can formally charge with a DUI. Additionally, it the driver refuses to give a blood sample, then they will likely face a license suspension of one to two years in total.

If you are unfortunate enough to be charged with a DUI about Marijuana in the state of Washington, then it is crucial to seek legal counsel. Granted that there are many angles to an arrest that can be contested, it is wise to have a professional look over your case to allow you to experience the least damage possible to your permanent driving record. Thus, consult your local criminal defense attorney in Bellevue today to put your best foot forward in your upcoming lawsuit. It is better to take preventative action rather than to experience a setback that could cost you a great deal in the long run. Visit www.dellinolaw.com for more information on a  experienced DUI law firm in Bellevue today!