Thinking of Starting a New Career?

Many people contemplate starting a new career at some point in their lives.  Sometimes, people feel “stuck” in a job that they are not passionate about and they struggle knowing they really want to do something else.

It is a scary thing to consider changing careers because there are a lot of unknowns and challenges.  Leaving the security of an existing job is scary enough, but not knowing if your jump to a new career will be what you expect, emotionally and financially.

However, as many people who have made the jump to a new more fulfilling career can attest to, being happy is worth a great deal!

One career that is gaining momentum for individuals that want a rewarding and satisfying career is Life Coaching.  Life Coaches are trained to help others enjoy a more productive and satisfying life.  Life Coaching can help in many different areas of ones personal and professional life.

essentiallifecoachtrainingThere are no college degrees in Life Coaching, but there are industry recognized certification programs.  The most recognized Life Coach certification organization is the International Coach Federation or otherwise known as the ICF.

Since the Life Coaching industry is really not “regulated” you have to be careful when looking for Life Coach Training to make sure the training you receive is quality training that will allow you to start your own Life Coaching business.

Be sure to look for Life Coach certification programs that are “ICF approved” or “ICF accredited”.  Most Life Coach training and certification programs are held online or via teleconferences.  By taking life coach training online, you are able to easily take the course from anywhere.

One popular ICF approved program is Essential Life Coach Training or ELCT.  They offer online and teleconference training to people all over the world.  In addition, they offer in-person training courses in select cities which are listed below.

Start your rewarding career as a Certified Life Coach today by calling 1.888.597.0569!

Life Coach Training by State