Winter Related Accidents in San Diego

Inclement weather conditions are often major contributors to the causation of traffic accidents in many regions of the nation. Even though San Diego is usually an area of reasonably comfortable weather conditions, there are still winter seasons that can make travel difficult when considering winds and significant amounts of rain. When it rains, it pours, in southern California. And, in winters with unusual weather activity like the current winter season, accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Given that most Southern California drivers are not experienced at driving in frozen precipitation, traffic accidents can clearly increase in numbers when other forms of severe weather occur.

These accidents must be adjudicated like all others and having an experienced legal professional handling your case can be critical when attempting to be compensated equitably and fairly.

Wind Impact

Wind conditions can be a major contributor in accidents in southern California, especially when high-profile commercial vehicles are in transit. The force of winds coming from the Pacific Ocean are unlike winds in any other region of the country. Accidents happen regularly in inclement weather conditions involving high winds, and when commercial vehicles are involved, those accidents can do serious harm and result in long-term injury or wrongful death.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are also often well-defended because multiple parties are commonly affected and pursuing damages from the transportation company, which also means the respondent insurance providers will have significant legal input as well. When wind conditions are the primary causation of the accident, the driver may not necessarily be at fault, but the claims from weather-related accident injuries are still valid and often require expertise from an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney.

Wet Weather

Winter is usually the primary time for rains in Southern California, and those rains are rarely slow drizzle types. The state has experienced a significant drought over the past few years, and now that wet weather is occurring in copious amounts, the state is also experiencing many mudslides in elevated areas. When this happens, highways and country roads can be blocked by falling land and rock in specific zones along the roadway. When these obstructions occur before state highway employees can mark the section of highway, accidents are very common.

All auto accident settlements will include the actions of the injured claimant drivers, and the obstructions in the highway can be a major factor in reducing personal contribution to a crash that can be used as a defense in an attempt to lower the value of a personal injury claim.