Information on car accident laws in California

As in all 50 states, California has many and very specific regulations that apply in car accidents. If you are involved in an Orange County car accident in the state, these are some of the laws that will affect you.

* You must stop if you are in a car accident that involves another person, a moving or parked vehicle or someone else’s property. If you don’t stop, you can be charged with a hit and run, which can mean a fine, jail time, loss of your license, or all three.


* If you hit a parked vehicle but cannot find the driver, the law allows you to leave the scene to report it only after you leave your name and address in an easy-to-find area.

* You must report an accident to local police or the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

* If you are involved in a car accident in which someone is injured, the law says you must give reasonable assistance, such as calling an ambulance. If first aid is required, you should assist only if you are qualified.

* As a driver and vehicle owner, you must be able to prove financial
responsibility in an accident, which usually means auto insurance and usually involves $15,000 coverage if a person is injured or killed and $5,000 for property damage.

* California has so-called “statutes of limitations” laws, which limit the time period when you can file a lawsuit in a car accident. These limits include two years for filing a personal injury suit and three years for filing a property damage suit.

If you are involved in a car accident in California and wish to start a lawsuit for physical injury or property damage or if you are sued after involvement in an accident, contact an experienced California lawyer as soon as possible.

If your accident takes place in Orange County, contact our firm as soon as possible. We are well experienced with California’s vehicle accident and personal injury laws. Our injury law firm will be able to untangle the complicated and often confusing problems that result from accidents that deal with cars, truck, motorcycles, and people. We are here for you and we can help.

Winter Related Accidents in San Diego

Inclement weather conditions are often major contributors to the causation of traffic accidents in many regions of the nation. Even though San Diego is usually an area of reasonably comfortable weather conditions, there are still winter seasons that can make travel difficult when considering winds and significant amounts of rain. When it rains, it pours, in southern California. And, in winters with unusual weather activity like the current winter season, accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Given that most Southern California drivers are not experienced at driving in frozen precipitation, traffic accidents can clearly increase in numbers when other forms of severe weather occur.

These accidents must be adjudicated like all others and having an experienced legal professional handling your case can be critical when attempting to be compensated equitably and fairly.

Wind Impact

Wind conditions can be a major contributor in accidents in southern California, especially when high-profile commercial vehicles are in transit. The force of winds coming from the Pacific Ocean are unlike winds in any other region of the country. Accidents happen regularly in inclement weather conditions involving high winds, and when commercial vehicles are involved, those accidents can do serious harm and result in long-term injury or wrongful death.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are also often well-defended because multiple parties are commonly affected and pursuing damages from the transportation company, which also means the respondent insurance providers will have significant legal input as well. When wind conditions are the primary causation of the accident, the driver may not necessarily be at fault, but the claims from weather-related accident injuries are still valid and often require expertise from an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney.

Wet Weather

Winter is usually the primary time for rains in Southern California, and those rains are rarely slow drizzle types. The state has experienced a significant drought over the past few years, and now that wet weather is occurring in copious amounts, the state is also experiencing many mudslides in elevated areas. When this happens, highways and country roads can be blocked by falling land and rock in specific zones along the roadway. When these obstructions occur before state highway employees can mark the section of highway, accidents are very common.

All auto accident settlements will include the actions of the injured claimant drivers, and the obstructions in the highway can be a major factor in reducing personal contribution to a crash that can be used as a defense in an attempt to lower the value of a personal injury claim.

Information on How To Handle a Accident in Inglewood, Ca.

Inglewood is one of the most common places for drivers in California to be involved in an accident. Because of the number of vehicles on the road and the speed at which people tend to drive, it’s common for people in the area to need the assistance of an Inglewood car accident attorney. When you’re hurt in an accident, you do have some options at your disposal. You don’t have to go through the process alone. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you could seek compensation in a lawsuit, and a good lawyer is critical for ensuring you get the most out of the process.

Determining the value of your claim

One of the chief jobs of a solid Inglewood car accident attorney is to figure out just how much your claim is worth. The total value of your claim will depend on the extent of your injuries and the total costs you incurred during the process. Some people will have bigger claims because their injuries caused them to miss work in a lucrative job. Others will have massive medical bills brought on by some surgery. Good lawyers figure out just how you’ve been harmed and put a price tag on your difficulty.

Fighting in settlement discussions

You don’t want to have to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. While these companies might treat you fairly in a perfect world, they can’t be expected to do so in the world you live in. Good lawyers understand how to work within the system and around the system to provide you with the best possible representation. They can use negotiation tactics to push the insurance companies harder and harder. More than that, good lawyers in Inglewood know when to walk away from the negotiation table and pursue other options on your behalf.

The importance of a solid trial lawyer

If you end up going to trial, you’ll want a lawyer by your side who knows how to help you. Good trial lawyers know how to communicate not only what happened in the crash, but why it matters. He or she will sell a story to the jury, showing jury members that you weren’t at fault and that the accident caused significant amounts of pain. It’s in this process that you can get the judgment you deserve for all the pain and suffering you had to endure as a result of the wreck.

I was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana in Seattle, what should I do?

Being arrested for driving under the influence in Seattle can be a very stressful situation for any individual to endure. The reason for this is that there is a plethora of issues with how to proceed in one’s case to ensure that the least amount of damage is done to their permanent record as possible. Typically, when one has been arrested for a DUI while under the influence of Marijuana, it is usually best to work with an attorney. If you are located in the Bellevue area, then it is wise to seek legal counsel close to you where you currently reside. Below are important sources about Marijuana law in the State of Washington:

Being Under the Influence of Anything Counts

This is important to understand because historically DUI’s were thought to be only related to alcohol. Within the state of Washington, this is not the case. Any drug whether prescription or recreational also counts for a DUI. Thus, be extremely careful when considering getting behind the wheel after having smoked Marijuana because if you are caught, there could be severe consequences to your driving record.

The Arrest Procedure Is Different

When the police suspect that the driver is under the influence of something other than alcohol, then they conduct their investigation quite differently. Typically, there will be an officer that is a drug expert that will require the driver to come to the station for a blood withdrawal to verify that the individual is in fact under the influence of drugs. Once that transpires, they can formally charge with a DUI. Additionally, it the driver refuses to give a blood sample, then they will likely face a license suspension of one to two years in total.

If you are unfortunate enough to be charged with a DUI about Marijuana in the state of Washington, then it is crucial to seek legal counsel. Granted that there are many angles to an arrest that can be contested, it is wise to have a professional look over your case to allow you to experience the least damage possible to your permanent driving record. Thus, consult your local criminal defense attorney in Bellevue today to put your best foot forward in your upcoming lawsuit. It is better to take preventative action rather than to experience a setback that could cost you a great deal in the long run. Visit for more information on a  experienced DUI law firm in Bellevue today!

Richmond, Va. Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting arrested is a frightening and stressful process. If you’re arrested in the State of Virginia, keep in mind that you have legal rights and that police procedures may not violate those rights in any part. A criminal defense attorney in Henrico , Virginia will be able to help you protect those rights, but you may not have the opportunity to speak with a lawyer until some time after the arrest.

Note, too, that these legal rights only apply once an arrest has been made. If a police officer is interrogating you and you reveal potentially incriminating information, this information may be used in any subsequent court action against you even though the officer did not apprise you of your legal rights before questioning you.

An important thing to keep in mind is that even if police pull you aside for questioning, you are not in custody until after a formal arrest has been made. That means you are under no obligation to answer any questions put to you and that you are free to walk away.

Once you’ve been taken into custody, however, you are no longer free to leave. Before any questioning can continue, arresting officers must apprise you aloud of your rights:

You may refuse to answer questions and remain silent

• If you do speak, what you say may be used as evidence in any subsequent court case brought against you

• You have the right to consult with an attorney and to have an attorney present during all present and future questioning

• The court will appoint an attorney to represent you if you cannot afford one

• If you begin answering questions without attorney representation, you can stop at any time and ask that an attorney is present

These rights are known collectively as the Miranda rights, so-named for the prestigious 1966 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Miranda vs. Arizona.

Under certain circumstances, police have the right to perform a pat-down frisk of your person before any formal arrest has been made, but they may not perform a comprehensive search of your body or your property unless they have reasonable cause to suspect that illegal activity has taken place. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects citizens against unreasonable searches.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Richmond, VA, Law Office of David A.C. Long will provide you with legal support, perspective, and representation aimed at helping you achieve a favorable resolution to the legal situation you’re facing.

Have you been hurt after an accident? Get a Santa Clarita Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents in Santa Clarita can occur at any time and cause critical and fatal injuries. If you or a family member has been involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident and obtained serious injuries, a personal injury lawyer will help you. Your attorney will clarify your legal rights and the potential liabilities for those involved. After an accident, the chances are that you have several questions. Some of the questions you may be asking yourself right now include: Who is at fault? What does your insurance cover? Are the other people involved in the accident covered?

A Santa Clarita personal injury attorney will help you during this time by communicating with the insurance firms involved and the other individuals. This will give you ample time to heal or support those you love as they heal. Your attorney will also help by clarifying the incident laws and the information on the accident reports so that you can comprehend your rights.

Why should you hire a Santa Clarita personal injury attorney?

If you are a victim in an accident and have sustained any bodily harm or disease due to another person’s negligence, false incarceration or losing someone you love, you need to get an experienced attorney who will safeguard your rights in all legal proceedings.

Laws involving personal injury keep on changing, and you will need an attorney to counsel you on the current legislation that corresponds to your situation. Your personal injury attorney will also collect all the essential facts that are related to your lawsuit to ensure that those responsible are legally accountable. Personal harm attorneys have experience in talking with other attorneys who are involved in your case, negotiate and argue on your behalf in a trial, and represent your interests.

What do you need to prove before you file a personal injury claim?


The burden to prove a case of personal injury falls on the plaintiff. This means that you should have evidence that the injuries you sustained were as a result of the defendant’s negligence. Your personal injury attorney in Santa Clarita will take statements from witnesses and the doctor to help you testify and get compensated.

How much do you need to file a personal injury lawsuit?


Most personal injury attorneys around the country focus on contingency. This means you will pay your attorney once your case has been resolved. After the payout has been reached, you will agree with your attorney what percentage to award for all the services rendered.

Spring Is In The Air

As Spring nears so do the rising temperatures.  Now is the time to ensure your heat pump or air conditioner is operating smoothly and efficiently.  Most local heating and cooling companies provide on-site inspections and will provide any necessary maintenance and repairs that may need to be  performed to ensure your cooling system is working properly.

When looking for a qualified heating and cooling company you can perform a search on one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to locate local HVAC companies in your area.

Common searches include:

You can also find reviews for local HVAC companies on sites like Yelp, Google, or Angies List.

You can also check the Better Business Bureau to get more information about a business and be sure to check the state licensing board to ensure they are properly licensed in your state.

Thinking of Starting a New Career?

Many people contemplate starting a new career at some point in their lives.  Sometimes, people feel “stuck” in a job that they are not passionate about and they struggle knowing they really want to do something else.

It is a scary thing to consider changing careers because there are a lot of unknowns and challenges.  Leaving the security of an existing job is scary enough, but not knowing if your jump to a new career will be what you expect, emotionally and financially.

However, as many people who have made the jump to a new more fulfilling career can attest to, being happy is worth a great deal!

One career that is gaining momentum for individuals that want a rewarding and satisfying career is Life Coaching.  Life Coaches are trained to help others enjoy a more productive and satisfying life.  Life Coaching can help in many different areas of ones personal and professional life.

essentiallifecoachtrainingThere are no college degrees in Life Coaching, but there are industry recognized certification programs.  The most recognized Life Coach certification organization is the International Coach Federation or otherwise known as the ICF.

Since the Life Coaching industry is really not “regulated” you have to be careful when looking for Life Coach Training to make sure the training you receive is quality training that will allow you to start your own Life Coaching business.

Be sure to look for Life Coach certification programs that are “ICF approved” or “ICF accredited”.  Most Life Coach training and certification programs are held online or via teleconferences.  By taking life coach training online, you are able to easily take the course from anywhere.

One popular ICF approved program is Essential Life Coach Training or ELCT.  They offer online and teleconference training to people all over the world.  In addition, they offer in-person training courses in select cities which are listed below.

Start your rewarding career as a Certified Life Coach today by calling 1.888.597.0569!

Life Coach Training by State